Law Office of Claudia I. Pringles, PLLC



photo by Julie Blackwell

Claudia Inés Pringles is an attorney with a practice dedicated to special needs law. She assists clients with special needs planning, special education, and disability consultation services and is a frequent speaker on these topics.  Ms. Pringles earned her undergraduate degree in economics from Pitzer College (Claremont Colleges) in 1992 and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1998. She is the author of Throwing a Life Saver without Going Overboard:  Considering Alternatives to Guardianship, which was published in the Vermont Bar Journal, and co-author of A Holistic Transition Guide for Families of Children with Disabilities.

Outside of the office, Ms. Pringles is a dedicated disability advocate and busy volunteer. Since moving to Vermont in 2004, she has been involved in many initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities. She was the first parent representative to be invited to participate with the Department of Education’s newly created Special Education Monitoring Team and she was the first parent co-chair of the Vermont Autism Plan Advisory Committee. She was one of the lead advocates behind Vermont’s Autism Insurance/Treatment law and received a national award from Autism Speaks for her advocacy and leadership in this role.  Ms. Pringles previously served as a Co-Chair of the Vermont Autism Task Force, a council member of the Vermont Statewide Independence Council and a board member of the Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL).

In 2016, Ms. Pringles was elected as one of 11 district level delegates for Sen. Sanders in his quest for the presidency.

Ms. Pringles’ experience in the community and her experience as a parent of a child with special needs has given her unique insight into the struggles, challenges and celebrations that families and their loved ones experience.

Ms. Pringles and her family live in the beautiful state of Vermont. She is the proud parent of two daughters, including a 16 year old daughter on the autism spectrum.